I am quite probably the least ‘spiritual’ person (whatever that means) you will ever encounter.  I am as atheist as it is possible to be, not even nominally agnostic (fence-sitters… ptui!).

And yet I have the greatest respect and admiration for the astonishing creativity, effort, skill, and ingenuity, that over many centuries went into religious artworks, and into building and decorating the incredible variety of places of worship of all the religions throughout history all over the world.

Throughout most of recorded history, if you were an artist or highly skilled craftsman and not working for the people who had most of the money and often most of the power (ie the leaders of your local religion), then you didn’t eat.  Most of the finest expressions of artistic or architectural merit were performed in the service of some religion or other.

I have no respect for the religions themselves, but as patrons of the arts they have been wonderful, and I love the art and the architecture that they commissioned and inspired.  I have been visiting and photographing the works of ecclesiastical artists and artisans for many years, and I am now pleased to be sharing my enthusiasm for them with you.

Unless marked otherwise, all the pictures in this blog were taken by me, and are my copyright, etc, etc.  You can click on any of them to see a much bigger version, but if you want to republish them, please contact me first.

Peter Bull

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  1. Peter, very interesting. C.S. Lewis was very much an atheist also. I’ve heard it said that an atheist is much closer to God then most believers. Though I’m not one myself I’ve learned over the short course of my life it’s important to be respectful of others beliefs. It has become an even more evident now that I live outside the states. It’s a big world with small minds when they choose to believe their way is the only way. I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

    • It’s a very strange idea for me that being an atheist puts you closer to God. Can you remember who said that? I would like to understand what its source meant by it. And where did you get the idea that C.S.Lewis was an atheist? He was a baptised but non-practising Christian during most of his youth, but then went back to the church and was a Christian apologist and articulate defender of his very strong faith for the rest of his life.

      Thanks for your encouraging comments. I hope you continue to get some enjoyment from this blog.

      • C.S. Lewis talks about this himself I believe in his book “Mere Christianity. He was an Atheist from the word go. Actually the Apostle Paul probably would have claimed this also. And yes, enjoy your blog, will return often.

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